March 4, 2021

I am js, Aspiring for truth that I may inspire justice within myself and others.

I am new, if you read blogs you know this, if you create web sites you know this. Now that we have got that out of the way. I am js. I am a life style writer. I write because it frees my soul. I write on areas of life that seem to be seen to be as they may, in part can lead to resentments. I have found ways to see the justice within the lines and want you to find them too. Writing has helped me heal. It is my desire to give you what I have learned. It is my Hope you subscribe as I start my journey. FYI I am not the best speller, I have used (in.vent.of) spelling my whole life, however I do try, so if by chance I miss one. I will say sorry now however I am not one to say sorry for my words. Fully admit my weakness.

Goal: help you be the best you can be. To find justice in the pain, to hear the words of my writings that they….be whatever

Mission: I aspire for the truth that I can inspire justice.

Target: Subscribers, you are worth it, and deserve to find justice!

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