March 30, 2021 Author, js

Regardless of how you feel inside, always try to look as a winner. “*

Arthur Ashe
  1. Wear black with one pop of solid color
  2. Your shoes should be polished and well kept, Shoes speak in a high tone
  3. Accessories, in the way of jewelry less is always more
  4. Wear clothing that complement your natural neck line
  5. A leather day tote bag is great for anyone, paired with a rocketbook memo
  6. Maintain clean and manicured nails
  7. Personal Hygiene, shower to disinfect and ensure deodorization
  8. Brush brush brush your teeth
  9. Your smile speaks confidence, when words are not an option
  10. Confidence, practice if needs be
  11. Even in 2021, still offer to shake hands

Become 100% you

100% of the time

Yes you Can!

Being the Best You 100%

  • 25% of appearance, including body *language (smile and poise)
  • 25% of content, our speech level and articulation pattern
  • 25% of self engagement (introvert/extrovert)*
  • 25% of self care, your aura/vibe
When you walk away today remember to stop and say, High five is the only way, I will check my five senses before I take the day up and away. Touch! Do I have my bag and keys, lunch box, where are the kids, O! Yes I have everything. Sight! O my what a fright I almost left with jelly everywhere. Taste! Did I brush my teeth? I know I did because I taste the fresh pick minty spring. Smell! Smell my armpits and my clothes go see mom she always knows. Hear! Look in the mirror and hear me say, " I love myself and yes I can, I can did this, this I know, when I try my very best I will succeed cuz mom said so and she knows best. Now out the door we go today. Having fun and spreading cheer for everyone to hear. 
   By: js, justice in the ink. 
  • Work Sited: Am I making myself clear? Terry Felber. Nashville Tenn. Thomas Nelson INC. 2002

2 thoughts on “How to Confidently Start Your Day, Everyday

    1. Thank you your encouragement is vital as I begin a journey we both know I have been to scared to put my toe in. But I ran stopped and you pushed me in. And now I am swimming. Thank God it really is not water. Since I can’t swim. But thank you for being my life boat on this journey. And always having the “wow” after everything you read of mine. ❤ xo


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