April 2, 2021 Author: js

I need you, My husband in order to be a successful wife, friend and member of society.

I need you, when is the last time you said it?

Tell someone to day!

I asked my friends to share their songs of justice and praise

Here are their response.

Jb wrote: ” For the Lord loves justice, and he will never abandon the godly.” Psalms 37:28

“I have told all your people about your justice I have not been afraid to speak out as you, O Lord, well know.” Psalm 40:9

Today my friends win, and I’ll share their justice, celebrating their lives as follows

  • Graduating Her group
  • Celebrating a birthday
  • Had a successful business day
  • Refrained from putting in two weeks
  • Filled out important paper work that was being put off
  • Packed my lunch so I would save money and calories
  • Took a drive through the country


is this choice justified or am i justifying my choice to meet my needs?
You have the right to choose everyday. When we take the time to reflect our actions. It then allows us the opportunity to see the consequences. Is this choice justified or am I am justifying it to meet my needs. When we make actions to meet our needs, more than likely it will bring harm to someone and/or ourselves. Songs of peace and joy allows others to be inspired by your song. Create beauty among yourself and others.  

Pick 1 or Pick Them All

  • Smile
  • Be kind
  • Stay humble
  • Show gratitude
  • Give a gift of any measure
  • Paint the world some how
  • Share a meal
  • Say a kind word to a stranger
  • Smile
  • Walk proud
  • Remember where we came from and be thankful we’re not there today
  • Tell the higher power thank you for waking us up
  • Enjoy your life, for all did not make it through the day
  • Smile
  • Celebrate your life

” there is no I in team. I hear that a lot in business. The business is built on the success of each individual contributing to the whole. Each person success is dependent on the success of those who achieve the most. And they often gain the least as well. As for those who gained “”I need you”” is often never said in this process.” “I need you can be the most powerful motivating phrase, we all need to know we are needed”.

Rich deVos Ten powerful phrase for positive people. Page 103 copy right: 2008


“I need you in order to be successful in my life”

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