April 2021, Author: js

Defeat can not be the only action we see from 2020

we must Rise again!

Definition of Defeat:

Verb, To win a victory over, through battles or contest, to be overcome with a frustrated since of being

The rate of suicide since 2020 has been on the rise. As well as murders that await to be investigated, leading to unsolved crimes. Some how we have even put domestic violence arrest to a stall; due to holding cells on 24 hour lock down rotations. With out the justice system open to do their job what will remain of our towns? Is faith going to be enough to save this world. Walking through 2020; the reality of a town among the towns.

Was death defeated this Easter Sunday, as some say. Or is life on earth defeated by death as the mass grave sites seek to build to an all time high?

Can death be justified? Here are some of the basic key points seen by others on the affects of death. Christian believe in heaven and hell. Hindu believe one does not prolonging or even invite death among them. Buddhism believe in reincarnation. Agnostic see biological proof. Comment below. What do you believe will happen to life after the passing of life on earth?

 Defeat, the sorrow of 2020. May this life begin again or shall death be its final chapter? Where will 2021 lead us, will we follow? Turn our hearts in fear; pain greater than we can bare?
Life, Life can be born after deatLife

life given to the remaining is justice within the dead

A man, a father, a son, a grandpa, a friend found in his home, by friends at sunrise.

The call was made February 22, He was pronounced dead on arrival…no they pronounced his murder. He was now a cold case. He is now a cold box with a cold labeled on a cold shelf. Anger has flared into a dragon’s raged. Another death, a life to soon, a life that has not been even seen nor heard.

Who is death that it would even long to claim a victory. A victory in death is nothing but a distasteful disaster?


Justified ink stained hands, seek the truth of 2020

One murder remains unsolved, but the lose of human lives still rise as drugs and suicide take hold of those who remain. Our streets remain held captive. I am not okay with our children killing our children. Prayers highly spoken for it is time for children to obtain the right knowledge. As leaders of our home and circles we must win. We are in a battle against time and outside influence.

Is this life not enough that a sickness sweeping the world is killing us in numbers unseen. But we allow others to hold our life for ransom as we seek solitude in man made forms of pleasure.

We must not be defeated in our homes. We can defeat drugs, murders, suicides, domestic violence, sexual misfortunes, therefore we must win. In aspirations of truth we can inspire justice. Fight for truth and justice today that our children may be leaders in the coming of age. Strong and willing to lead, rising above defeat in all matters of life.

Justice is a success. Advancing beyond death can be our success.

“I am starting with the man in the mirror, I am asking him to change his ways, and no message could of been any clearer, if you want to make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and then make that change.”

Michael jackson 1988

four points of action

  1. Learn while allowing trust to be made through shared knowledge
  2. Life happens, how we respond is what changes the future.
  3. Find the justice inside your self to be at peace.
  4. Live that you may defeat death by living with calling/purpose

“More Doers and fewer talkers. More to inspire others and fewer to through the cold water. More to light a candle than the fewer to curse the darkness.”

Author Unknown: Success one day at a Time. John C. MaxWell. Thomas Nelson Publisher:2000. Page 22

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