April 24, 2021 Author: js

I will not let my husband become a number, because his life is more than a black life. He is more than anything you want to label him.

He is a Husband.

He is a father.

He is a son.

He is brother.

He is a uncle.

He is a nephew.

He is a chef.

He is an artist.

He is a friend.

He is a helper in the community.

He is a peace keeper.

He is spiritual.

He is a lover.

He is a human.

If we don’t stand up for our men today, then we are just as wrong.

My Husband’s Life Matters

Because he matters to me

6 thoughts on “My Husband Matters

  1. Yes, he matters! Thank you for sharing your love, honor and passion for him. I am late to this post, please tell me he was not a mindless, senseless victim of a horrific event. I do not know the back story. I desperately want him to still be very much alive and well and still contributing to your life and the life of your community!!!

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    1. Thank you Liesl. A little information: He is alive. All praise to God. I wrote that after a year passed since His father and brother where both murder. His father’s killer is unsolved in the courtroom, cold case after 6 months. His brother’s killer was convicted and is serving four years. I knew when a Gentleman of the law came and asked with his gun out and in hand, “We are looking for a 6ft black man with a beard.” (mistaken address) I knew to save his life we would have to move. TODAY, He is an amazing Chef, a teacher to those preparing for culinary. Thank you for your compassion and spark as it filled my soul. It is our love and knowledge of kindness that inspires others to love and be kind as well. I can feel your love and kindness and it has inspired me to press forward. Thank you from the depths within.

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