April 24, 2021 Author: js

Reality until we know justice within ourselves well we be able to demonstrate peace. “Any 2 year child can throw a fit, but putting anger and aggression towards a goal is how you obtain perfection, and you better come with perfection when you put on that uniform.” Coach, Remember the Titans Movie 2000

“the key problem Herman Boone had to overcome on his newly formed team was isolation. the players of one race isolated themselves from the players of the other, anytime a player becomes isolated, it is a problem for the whole team.”

John C. Maxwell, “Qualities of a Team Player” copyright 2002

The Titans was not just a movie nor are they just a football team. They where a map on how to bridge the gap between two neighborhoods.


In Order to Understand Them Know Their

  • Likes
  • Dislikes
  • Family
  • Hobbies
  • Like to Eat
  • Where are they from
  • Where do they work
  • Where did they go to school
  • Sports
  • Music
  • Art
  • Theater
  • God, Faith, Church

Spend time with them, so you can know them; know them by asking questions. And until you know everyone, “Life well be hell with 3 a days”. When is the last time you got to know someone that was not the same as you? Our comfort zone is mint to be stepped out of. If we do not step out we do not grow. The pain is called Growing Pains, knowledge is pain. Become great or stay small minded it is up to you. (This is for all races)

Music brought the Titans together as a team, it broke the ice so to speak. The rest is an underlining respect for what each member of the team had to offer. By giving the team a chance they were able to see each others talents and build plays that would label them champions for generations.

Who will you give a chance today?

Today is a day that is going in the direction of positive change.

Breaking News: Derek Chauvin is guilty on all three counts!

one out of four convicted

#saytheirname #blacklivesmatter #alllivesmatters #justiceintheink #takeaknee

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