Success in Respect Part 2

Author js. May 2021

Equality Defined: Noun. The state in which you are equal in status, rights and opportunities. Equality broken into subtext: racial,gender, rich or poor. It may be set in the tone as an adverb as well. Feeling resulted from the person, place or thing in which equality originated.


Equality is for all; no matter the race, gender among the many others. It is an action and attitude that is respecting of human lives and allowing justice to ring out in us. Where there is love and respect we can find the success of equality. js.

Respect is evident when equality is practiced among us. Equality is verbal as well as a non verbal form of communications. Respecting the morals and laws is a part of equality, that it is in turn able to reach us all. (Respect, my last blog, be sure to click back into the previous blog. It was expressed that when respect is given it builds trust, love and safety.) A respected relationship among equality creates an atmosphere that allows the expression of feelings, thoughts, and goals. That they may be fostered rather than demolished.

Moral Respect vs. Moral Disrespect Morals Respected Brings Equality

Moral respect is the thoughts and feelings that is generated within each person as an independent action. Respect and equality are both a learned behavior. Therefore; It is rushing with the energy. Moral Respect is a branch off of the way we were raised, our personal views and our enter action within our own fraction of the world. Disrespect of the those morals is done by others as well at ourselves.

Described: Morality is within oneself. Moral Respect, honoring your faith not to work on Sunday. When an employer is not honoring it because of a difference in faith, that is a form of Moral Disrespect, as well as Lawful Disrespect our next topic.

Lawful Respect vs Lawful Disrespect Equality is the regulation of the law

Laws as many of us know, were and remain to be created as a social guild line of accountability. Lawful Disrespect is punished when it is required. Laws Respected prevent harm, as well as; protect the rights of people, place and things.

Described: Respecting the law by not harming another living being. However; not all states see the killing of a man in your home so he does not kill you, is accepted. Disrespect for the law is any time we go against the law, respecting the law is to obey even when it does not seem right to you. That is when reform and change lead the way, not disrespect.


change can happen

change can be found



the right to protest is your right

changing a law is worth the energy

when it is given positive energy


Stated in previous blogs; our actions are just that; ours. When we are choosing to blame, shift blame or claim blame as a victim. It is within that moment we start disrespecting based on a moral standards. Any regard when are able or even try to be the control factor of another human being, is when have allowed unrealistic expectation of them and us. Result of these actions do not bid success.

Responsibility, when it is owned for our personal actions. The key is turned…ownership of self love is going to swing the doors of moral respect open.

Equality is knocking, the choice remains yours.

Justice in respect, Expressions of success

2021 Lack of equality was seen and

justice was called, heard around the world.

The lack of equality was seen when Moral Disrespect was called to the attention as the result of the death of a man could not breath for 9 minutes. Reactions where many and they were loud. Some brushed it off others began blaming while others protested change and justice.

Energy was shifted away from the accused and towards all said parties protesting the actions of one man as they marched and called for every city to take action, establishing safe take standards. Anger within crying faces you seen because of that one man was within all the men and women of the years. That we were going to stand up this time, for a long time. That taking a knee made you mad, the protest mad you mad. We are mad too, but not only with the police, we know they have a job. ( SIDE POINT: But I can not get my food order right from the big M if the staff are not trained right.) Reform and education is they only way to bring change… America actions towards positive change must remain ongoing. For the injustice be justified.

it took cops spraying us with mace and yell, “get back”. People starting fires, and for what? What is the point and what is done by disrespect, disrespecting that which they feel is disrespectful. ( moral respect and lawful respect are must )

Protest, a group of humans who carry a broken heart crying at the feet of Lady Liberty, calmness. Calmness changes laws and in the passions of our hearts is the fights, for every soul. (myself) took a stand in silents praying for you, America. That you may rise to be the best you. That men of America rise and be their best. That the women rise, the Them’s, the They’s and those chosen to be Untitled; that we may all rise up and be our best self. Success can be found through respecting our equality of the human race. Justice can be the worlds. As you’ll know, This All American Girl wants world peace. America we can let freedom ring. Through the success of expressing equality. America, world as whole we can be kind, we can have peace. Not everyday not all the time. Striving towards something heals the hurt, remaining in sadness is no way easy but we must move.

Thank you all for reading. Check FB if you like. Justice within the lines. Subscribe. Thank you for allowing me the time to share my heart and knowledge found within the painful tear streaming lines of justice.

Aspire America that you may Inspire World peace

The world starts in your circle. Positive respect within your circle of friends can change a town. Why not you? Why not know?

Aspire for the truth, to inspire justice. That the cry of Floyd’s heard around the world for his mother may bring about new life through many a mothers prayers. Protect the child and raise them up with respect, justice and equality for all. That when our morals differ our love does not.

Respect. Love. Honor the Equality of the Human. You were created for a greater purpose. Find your purpose. I call for you to rise up and start creating actions of peace and joy among the darkness. Mercy may be seen in the injustice. Human disrespect has gone far enough.


Love yourself,

that equality may shine in all the

corners of your soul first.

You are worth it!

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