Respect when no one is looking is respect in the RAW

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What is the true respect? A marriage true quality is maintaining respect when no one is holding the marriage accountable. This blog well share key points I have learned to insure a healthy & respectful marriage.

Key Points: Mutual Respected Marriage

  • Communication
  • Honesty
  • Loyalty
  • Teamwork
  • Flexibility
  • Actively listening
  • Organization
  • Balance of physical desires

Importance in how we communicate:

  • Calm Assertive tones
  • Submissive to desires
  • Humble yourself that opinions may be shared
  • Listen to hear, not to respond
  • Trust, their words as the truth.
  • Adhere to the needs/desires within a conscience time frame

The Following was created and written by js the author of this blog, no sharing rights are given. CopyRight 2020

When A Respectful Gardener’s Communicates

“When a Respectful Gardener’s Communicates”

  • Blossom Conversation– having a conversation that enables the other person to give you feed back and advice as they see the situation
  • Watering Conversation– one person has the ability to share how they feel about a topic without a rebuttal
  • Planting Conversation-both of you equally have the ability to share ideas, both in negative and positive views within the subject”
if your sentence starts with: Should of, Could of, Would of, then you have unrealistic expectations that you have placed on someone or something, resulting in disappointment that we have set into motion BY own assumptions.

Keeping conversations within the marriage is a demonstration of respect. Coming to a joint understanding on how knowledge is acquired will allow a firm foundation in which it is received.

REspect is an action whether it is positive or negative is up to each one of us.

Asking advice for a marriage is tricky:

  • Best friend- May side with you and or hold resentments
  • Coworkers –Unsafe feed back due to lack of shared knowledge
  • Family members – Bringing them into the marriage may have negative lasting effects.

Professional help is always best. Seek one voice for advise rather than many.


Negative Results ( When Disrespect comes into the relationship) : Communication breaks down. When we begin to let other people influence our relationship. Our opinion or assumption may lead towards discord. This is a good stopping point. Return to your spouse and talk with them about the emotions you experienced. Remember all venting is not good venting. Teamwork; may be compromised when we allow outside influences that enable our justification in no longer listening to the needs of said partner. Disrespect is seen when we begin the action of defense of justifying, blame, shift blame, or projecting your own negative behavior on the actions of others . The balance has been lost and soon the balance of the physical needs may be lost or maintained else where.

How we engage in secret will become known to the outside world. Respecting our partner leads to:

  • Respecting our partner leads to inner and outward success
  • Respecting our partner leads to unity
  • Respecting our partner leads to the strength development within our cognitive behavior

Respects builds:

  • Trust
  • Fulfillment of Serenity
  • Satisfaction
  • Self-esteem
  • Open Communication
  • Integrity
  • Aline with Moral Values
  • Physical Desires…. within the marriage.

Above all else, where there is respect there is love, for without respect how can love abide?



What is Newtons Law, The motion of an object and the forces that is set against it. It either remains in continues motion or it remains at rest. We either remain to be positive force showing acts of respect or our relationship is at a stand still with disrespect. We remain the same until a force of change is directly applied.

REMAIN RESPECTFUL as you continue your acts of respect within your marriage, that it may express success in secret.

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