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BEE compassionate.

BEE forgiving.

BEE the change.



The act of, state of being, friendly, considerate, generous. The act of showing respect towards all. Webster
  • Considerate. To be considerate you are putting your own needs and desires aside that you can meet the needs of another. It is to be selfless.
  • Generous. To give more of something (time or money) that is not expected or required of you. To freely act on art of giving without the personal desire of a return.
  • Friendly. Is the act of demonstrating compassion.

Lead With actions such as:

  • Say Please
  • Say excuse me,
  • May I,
  • Thank you
  • Offer help
  • Mr and Mrs,
  • Allow older, those with child and/or those in need of assistant go before you, give them a place to set as well
  • Respect all race
  • Respect couples no matter their makeup
  • Education allows educated talk
  • Smile, from your heart (mean it)

Mr. O, what is his name has been teaching kindness between Neighbors, and placing our feet in the pool with others.


BEE KIND…–and Pollinate the world!

Keep the buzz alive. Aspire to love that it may inspires peace and justice.

justice in the ink

How could you impact the community you lived in? Share your thoughts and stories below.

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