Expression of Success, justice in the ink

Absolute Justice,

Conveyed by the truth being known.

The pros and cons of believing you are 100% right with no exceptions?

Pros within yourself

  • Respect you demand from others
  • Holding firm in your faith
  • Knowing your value as a human

Cons within yourself

  • Close minded, disconnected
  • Emotionally detached
  • Lack of growth personal or business

It does not have to be us vs them

Fact is: All two people are not the same. Outside of your norm and different view points you will encounter every day. Therefore; Looking at all points before your argument could grant you knowledge to prove your point or it may even prove theirs. Knowledge is power. By looking at different topics it may encourage you to consider all areas when finding your absolute truth.

  • Culture
  • Gender
  • Emotional State
  • Age groups
  • Organizations
  • Religions
  • Profession
  • Economic standing

EQUAlity is a winner all the time

Make sure you understand all the facts and know deep within yourself that you are Absolutely right. Sometimes losing can be the true win when it allows knowledge to be gained. Enhance your life as you move through each day. Selling others short in turn only hurts you both in the long run.

Aspire for the truth that it may inspire justice within.


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