EXPRESSIONS OF SUCCESS, Author .js. November 2021

2021, Seen as a forward motion or an endless struggle for momentum?

Justice: Verb “The process of using the law to fairly judge and punish…”Noun “Peace, respect, the stance of being in-corrupt…”

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In America

  • killed during a protest.
  • killed while running.
  • acquitted for a double murder
  • charged for your child’s murder
  • wrongfully accused due to raciest biased
  • face life in prison for recording a murder
  • while others remain free for recording a murder
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A man video taped an act and is facing life in prison for this case and this state it is justice. BUT What about all the others that have video taped all the murders done by unlawful killings, or beatings, can we give life to the ones that chose to record a man kneeling on another man neck until life left his body, and was told to move only after a man had died beneath him. How does one life chose to record an act and then has to stand trial while no one else across America is facing the same reality?

How many videos are circulating America? Today’s society is waiting to record, snap or live stream the next event to show case lack of equality; however, what is recording this acts doing, are the recording a forward motion or are they showing the darkness that seems to live around us. Who is the one that decides? No video is more cruel than the other. For there is no cry of guilty for all who chose to hold the camera and do nothing to save a human life.

The power of the tongue can destroy lives

The power of tongue can lead to destruction

The power of the tongue can heal

The power of the tongue can forgive

The power of the tongue can restore humanity

Power within us

The power of the tongue is our greatest weapon, as many fatal shooting start with the words that offend others. May we all find inner strength that empowers us towards justice not feed the root of hate. As they say when you are scared and can’t handle the heat, get out of the kitchen. You do not have to kill a human that those remaining in the kitchen, may find pleasure. Education and the use of that very knowledge is needed. REALITY: why carry a gun and a gun of that magnitude with no intent on shooting, at least shooting it for giggles?

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Expression of Success is the equality of the American justice system. What will American be remembered for? Will our history be the prison rates or the education that leads us to humble acts, kindness, respect, love, that these keys may break the chains that bind this hatred. America success is yours, for the brave and strong fight for it, the mother’s pray for it and this generation is building it. Kindness must be taught that it may then become an action in which it is lived by.

The battle over guns and lives lost to soon to those sent to prison, is judged through the loopholes created by man, but God will judge and on that day there will be no loopholes.

Those who do record I am grateful as the truth would in hard dark times be twisted into what “They” want and seen. However fairly judge and fairly know that as we watch the news with sadness for all hate crimes. I cry for justice. Fair justice. I am happy those that need to be are and have remorse as well as cries for peace in the hearts of the families that have not nor will they ever see justice for the lives of their loved ones.

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this is justice in the ink with my ink stained hands posting on the what I believe is a lack of equality in our current times.

Equality in American Justice entails much balance. America let it start with a forward motion of eliminating the loop holes that fall and give false hope for the families with loss. Loss in death and or prison.

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