7 min read. Character growing pains, how to dull the pain


Learning how to be a success is a key

Photo by George Becker on Pexels.com

The more keys you have the more accuse you have.-unknown-


COMPROMISE: I am not talking about compromising to form to another view, rather than to compromise ones own view to win the other/s to your side. That you might have personal success in the conflict. However it may be seen.

Some may call this sabotage, being able to compromise and look within a wider view is a positive trait. You can compromise in the workplace without loss of self.

Forward motion is always a motion no matter how great or small, going forward is what generates the success of finding a solution. 



COMPARE: The base in which one comes to an understanding within a diverse community or business be negative or positive. When looking at life as a race keeping up often gives us a false reality. No two lives are the same therefore it is key to evaluate self. Having a foundation in which we stand, such as faith, work out routine… A positive starting point helps us to measure the act of comparison.

understanding you leads to a picture of your character

what are the moral ethic you hold?

Leave your answers in the comment section:

What are your top growing pains?

How do you deal with them?

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