What do your words say about your ididinity?ENHANCE yourself with these 8 words by j.s. in Expression of SUCCESS MAY 2022 (7 MIN READ)

Communication verbal and nonverbal are a vital part of success, how one carries their conversation speaks to their personal identity. WHAT DOES YOUR SPEECH SAY ABOUT YOU?

be inspired by these 8 words

one most render the old self for it is passed away; putting off the old man behold all things are to become new in Christ.

1Corinthians 5:17


  • 1. Initiate
  • 2. Discussion vs demand
  • 3. Education

Initiate. Verb. What is your desired cause/expectations of the communication

Are you creating the foundation for an open discussion or are you giving harsh demands?

Education, would learning the facts or researching a different point of view benefit your communication

  • 4. Notions
  • 5.Tattletail
  • 6. Integrated
  • 7. Truth vs assumptions

The places you enter, the people you speak with, the tone you carry, the words that never come. Generate the makeup of the outward identity, and for some that is all the world will ever see of you.


What is the notion in a physical approach: Is the topic positive or negative, what is the topic based off of?

Are you spreading rumors or being a tattletail to make yourself be seen or heard?

Integrate the opinions of those around you to expand your world.

Are the details you hold true or is it your assumption? Do you speak truth or listen to truth? One must be careful when sharing assumptions as well as how you present them.

  • 8. Yield

Yield to negative content both verbal and nonverbal. You can be honest without being negative!

A man is only as good as his word

Rodd Thunderheart

I offer this challenge.

Raise the standards of the conversations engaging within the day, control what and how others speak, allowing a goal to be met by the intended positive conversation you hold. Remember you are in control and have free will to enter and exit any form of conversation

Self help Checklist for Positive Identity

I. Initiate. The right place and time

D. Discussions vs demands. How do I express my needs and wants?

E. Education. Am I learning how to connect and expand with others?

N. Notions. What is my goal?

T. Tattletail. Do I gossip and tell others faults to make myself look better?

I. Interdrate. Am I bringing others way of thinking into my own?

T. Truth vs assumptions. What is my thinking and values based on?

Y. Yield. Do I stop before I respond or react?

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