Bloom blossoms of love and not weeds of discord

As humans help the homeless and the broken or even those who are forgotten. Did you miss the one God placed in front of you today? Who was there, a homeless man in rags or a man well dressed working? When reality humans turn to the church in their well made up costumes offering no help to a world who is cold, hungry and looking for someone to count on, begging for a friend today? Did you miss him?

Why is it that in the rush we push aside the small voice calling us to feed others as we see them in hunger? Telling ourselves they are fine.

Knowledge of God’s love is best shared

Are you willing to know the souls around you, why or why not?

Be The Action God Has Created You For More

Eternity hangs in the balance

a short story: The Silent crying out

My Sister in Christ, Kristina she was a lover of life but not without the struggle it took to believe, wanting all to see beauty she looked on through the eyes of justice that was uncovered from a sinners judgment. It was not her injustice of a criminal conviction, or thoughts of a failed motherhood; rather the self belief that was planted deep within her a belief that she was her personal failure. Told by many she took on as fact that she lacked the qualifications to run her own successful life. Her passion was to love and her desired often came in the form demonstrating that gift through hair and makeup. Her lack of support for her passion translated to her as a lack of loved return, leading to an addiction that took her from this world.



Kristina new what it was like to feel alone and she carried the message of God sharing her faith so others may never feel the pain of loneliness again.

In all things God will be glorified, with the death of Kristina her story is still pointing others to God and His love.

What will your story leave behind


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