Autumn breeze captures falling leaves By: .js. 2022 Read in 3MIN


Falling to the process

Looking at nature, the season of autumn that we see falling away with the leaves, temperature and summer pleasures. As the breeze begins what is falling into the breeze in your life?

To everything there is a season, a time and place in which it is meant to be and be no more

Work, friends, relationships they all come and go as they serve the purpose meant for in the moments they were called on. Did you leave a positive mark on those you are falling away from? To fall away is a time of regrowth, pruning the trimming of the dead and no longer needed that one may grow, strengthening your roots to be an overcomer. This is your time to build a better you making a better tomorrow a sure success.

As you ready yourself for the winter, take this time to learn and grow spiritually, sharing your knowledge with new friends, new jobs building relationships while being the best you can be rising into place this spring.

Enjoy the breeze of this season it is the autumn leaves that have fallen that are your life seen in color.


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