• Successful Communication
    Positive truths: 8 ways to enhance your communication
  • Growing Pains
    7 min read. Character growing pains, how to dull the pain EXPRESSIONS OF SUCCESS, Apri 2022. js. Learning how to be a success is a key The more keys you have the more accuse you have.-unknown- first choice Compromise COMPROMISE: I am not talking about compromising to form to another view, rather than to compromise…
  • A courtroom success in 2022,
    positive > negative EXPRESSIONS OF SUCCESS. author.js. January 2022 America today the family and friends shared with the world that enough is enough. Recorded in a 2022 court room, the words a of guilty verdict that was followed by a sentence of 22.5 prison. “Derrik Chauvin you are sentenced with 22.5 years for the murder…
  • Equality in American Justice
    EXPRESSIONS OF SUCCESS, Author .js. November 2021 2021, Seen as a forward motion or an endless struggle for momentum? Justice: Verb “The process of using the law to fairly judge and punish…”Noun “Peace, respect, the stance of being in-corrupt…” WEbster In America killed during a protest. killed while running. acquitted for a double murder charged…

you are one of a kind, Bee Kind in return

REspect. Equality. love.

Hi, I’m js. I work for a coworking location that is also home to some the best wedding ceremonies. I write about success to enable others the knowledge and I hope the courage to express success. 2020 should me that money alone is not the only form measure. Life is a Success, how will you celebrate it?

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