• Knowledge is Key
  • Life’s Mission
    Bloom blossoms of love and not weeds of discord As humans help the homeless and the broken or even those how are forgotten. Do you miss the one God placed in front of you today? A lie created by Satin tells the believer that they must have a negative adjective in front of their name…
  • Justice in 2022
    June 2022, EXPRESSIONS of SUCCESS BY: .j.s. What is necessary to bring equality into the way of your world, that it would generate a reformation of attitudes and actions rather than a formation of a world divided by a one sided love?
  • Successful Communication
    Positive truths: 8 ways to enhance your communication

you are one of a kind, Bee Kind in return

REspect. Equality. love.

Hi, I’m js. I work for a coworking location that is also home to some the best wedding ceremonies. I write about success to enable others the knowledge and I hope the courage to express success. 2020 should me that money alone is not the only form measure. Life is a Success, how will you celebrate it?

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