• Dog Walkers
    Walkingwithadog.jpg Never knew the plesure I would feel while walking a dog; However the pleasure is all mine, even though no one rubs my ears or gives me treats. ZEKE sure listens to me and even gives me a look when I went to far with that thought. Being a dog walker allows you/me to…
  • Support Local Artist
    Fall 2022 Decor handcrafted by .j.s.
  • Autumn
    Autumn breeze captures falling leaves By: .js. 2022 Read in 3MIN Falling to the process Looking at nature, the season of autumn that we see falling away with the leaves, temperature and summer pleasures. As the breeze begins what is falling into the breeze in your life? To everything there is a season, a time…
  • Knowledge is Key

you are one of a kind, Bee Kind in return

REspect. Equality. love.

Hi, I’m js. I work for a coworking location that is also home to some the best wedding ceremonies. I write about success to enable others the knowledge and I hope the courage to express success. 2020 should me that money alone is not the only form measure. Life is a Success, how will you celebrate it?

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