How you appear may not be fair, but giving it our best everyday that we can justly say, I gave it my best. Giving your best everyday is what we do. We have power in this moment so we arise today to aspire justice for ourselves, that others would be inspired to do as well

Regardless of how you feel inside, always try to look like a winner.

Arthur Ashe
  1. Wear black with one pop of solid color
  2. Your shoes are just as important as your paper work, up to date and polished
  3. Accessories, in the way of jewelry less is more
  4. Clothing that complement your natural neck line
  5. A leather day tote bag great for women, men smart apparel, the rocketbook
  6. Clean hands with nails short and manicured
  7. Personal hygiene, showering to disinfect and ensure deodorization
  8. Brush brush brush your teeth
  9. Your must item is your own smile, wear it proudly. Smiles are a sign of confidence even in the mist of fear.
  10. Talk with confidence, practice if need be
  11. Even in 2021. Stick out your hand and give them the option. A solid hand shake gives light to the strength of soul, says me

Be the best you! 100%

  • 25% of appearance, including your body language (smile, posture, poise)
  • 25% of content, our speech level and articulation pattern
  • 25% of self engagement (introvert/extrovert )
  • 25% of our self care/aura, your vibe

Five Senses Count Down, for leaving the house

  1. Touch, touch phone, purse, paper work, kids, lunches….everything you need
  2. Sight, check one more time hair, nails, teeth, and smile
  3. Taste, what do you taste? If you have to think, go brush them.
  4. Smell, deodorant, clothes, if used perfume
  5. Hear, look yourself in the eyes, and say. “I can do this, I am no ones problem, I love myself, Yes I can!”

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