“Justice is the concept of being morally correct in your assignment of (whatever is in question) good vs evil ”

Webster Dictionary


lack of justice is no justice. standing or kneeling should not of been the message.

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The Risk-and-reward response, was 2020 justice

Risk-and-Reward Response: Definitions. Verb. Human brains calculates risk 5 times a second, scanning the surroundings for elements of safety or danger. justice? Was justice served in 2020 when we reformed the 9-5 hour work day, replaced by a self structure or accountability progress . Are the changes restricting the workplace the right idea for the long term growth or lack of growth in the work fields. Just in the start of 2021 we have seen a wave in off site locations, however the grade school’s are in decline for overall cognitive development. Was a lack of supervision a needed change or the end as know it? Do we need a boss to thrive successfully? justice in the ink, This generation’s technical mind is lead by imagination working away from the office, no one can say no. I believe the Millennial’s enjoy coaching, teaching one each other as teammates accomplishing goals. The future is yours. The Coaching Habit, Michael Bunary Stainer, Page 115, 2016__ Referenced

justice: what can you do where you live to make your choice heard

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